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Both Paul and Brian are fellow Conn lovers, and this article would not have been possible without their help. Because I have left most of what Paul wrote intact with only minor editing, I have put his name next to sections for which he is mainly responsible. Some information may repeat between what I wrote and what he wrote, but trust me there is a ton of information here and the read is worth it if you are interested in Conn transitional altos! You really should click this photo and check it out in full resolution, maybe even make it your wallpaper. These transitional 6M saxophones can have a wide variety of features, in general evolving over time from configurations that are mostly identical to New Wonder Series II configurations to configurations that are almost identical to the eventual 6M model of that remained mostly unchanged until , when the rolled toneholes were discontinued. For altos, the serial number range of the transitional horns is roughly , to , give or take a few- which means from roughly to The bell keys switch from a split bell key design to left-hand design at about ,xxx. The last major feature to change over was the pinky table, which is a New Wonder II style albeit with a smooth rather than crosshatched G until about ,xxx. At about the same time, the forked Eb trill disappears, and by the ,xxx serial number range the 6M design is fairly complete. This is a partial list, and represents only some of the most visible changes.

Serial Lookup

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Used Student Alto Saxophone – Conn 24M This Conn Alto Sax, model 24M, is in like new condition – plays like new, Instrument Serial Number:

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Conn 20M Alto Saxophone

Until around , Conn used the prefix letter “M” before a serial number as their catalog designations for “Saxophones”. However when they restructured their serial number sequences and catalog listings in the ‘s, they began to use letters as a prefix to serial numbers to designate the year made. In the latter case, “M” designated the year This is one of those ‘Transitional’ Conn saxes that you hear quite a bit about. The serial number is in the right range, but also it has a swivel thumbrest.

First off, here is a list of serial numbers found on Conn saxophones, and their corresponding date. Note: Stenciled saxophones (Conn saxes made under a.

We partner with another database in order to bring the most comprehensive information possible and you can find other information at:. The theft took place some time between 5pm Friday and 9am on Monday morning. Thieves broke in through the fabric of the building and parts of the warehouse were ransacked. Most instruments were taken without cases and only woodwind instruments were targeted.

Police have been informed about the theft and serial numbers have been passed on. We are listing the instruments and their serial numbers below. While we are obviously very saddened by this event, it will not prevent us from reopening next Monday June 15th. See our website for details.

Conn Saxophone Conversion

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Stolen Saxophones Related Content and sort options :. Related Content and sort options. Saxophone Performance Jobs. Saxophone Teaching Jobs. Saxophone Courses. Saxophone Competitions. Saxophone Sales. Sax went missing at the Flinders Street station. It happened some time ago but… you never know.

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Selmer today can not search these USA made instruments via serial number. Evette & Schaeffer serial Tubes Cork Grease, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone! $ Corel Draw x5 Conn Brass Serial Numbers, rev. These include the full.

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Stolen Saxophones

The development of a serial number list has been very difficult because of the lack of official records. White kept very detailed records but when the company was sold to the Seeburg Corporation all official records were destroyed. When looking up the age of your instrument, complete the following steps: 1.

Date Serial Number High Pitched Models

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Then Pete another Admin here on the WF further added a few points to it and published it on this forum’s blog. Good places to browse would be saxquest.

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He mentioned the Pan-American alto, so I asked him about the condition. He bought it and brought it back from the States and into work on the following Monday. It was a truly great find — a classic horn, made by Conn in Conn had very big vested interest in marching band instruments and used the three marching men as a logo.

Buescher Cg conn ltd buescher made in elkhart, In serial # low pitch true tone sax Buescher True Tone Bass saxophone for.

The main thing you learn from serial numbers is the age of the instrument of course. Although the dates in these charts are reasonably accurate, there may be some discrepancies for various reasons. Here are a few things to bear in mind:. When advertising an instrument for sale, you will often see the serial number referred to as 36xxxx. It is rumoured that there is a scam, by which somebody who acquires your serial number can then claim the instrument is theirs. This may just be paranoia as I have never heard of this happening, nor can I understand how it could happen.

Ideally you should have a record of the serial number with your sales receipt and won your insurance details. A serial number can of course be used to identify a stolen instrument. If a seller does hide part of the number you may wonder if they are trying to hide the fact that it is stolen. In most cases the reason is for the one stated above, but it is always worth checking when buying an instrument.

Conn Saxophone Serial Number Listings

And they are wonderful instruments. But, because they are so popular, the price for a good Mark VI puts them out of reach of many players. In fact, ergonomically they can be a bit of a nightmare. Cost wise though, the Conn horns are much cheaper.

CG CONN, Professional Saxophones. COUESNON, For all instruments prior to appx. , there is a grenade fruit with a number inside it stamped on the horn.

I will be adding more soon, dating dating as checking for accuracy and updating these source more historical and instrument information. More Audio and Video. This is a common issue and affects all downloads, not just our products. Serial, we sell internationally. Dating currency will be the dating at the current exchange rate.

However as it is PAL format it may not be compatible with some the U. If dating, it should still work on any computer with DVD drive anywhere in the world. We cannot guarantee that files extracted ripped from the DVD will play successfully. Sharing of copied DVDs or ripped files is illegal. After adding an item or several items to your cart, click on the Calculate Serial button and choose your location from the dropdown menu.

This will give you the postage options available to your country. We are unable to serial exact delivery times, but generally packages to Europe can take 2 – 7 serial, outside Conn 4 – 14 days.

CG Conn Saxophone serial number 128,732 1924-25, we believe this is a New Wonder series I, engraved

A top-of-the-range pro horn from the s that maintains its status even today Of all the vintage saxes that come through the workshop, the 10M and its alto counterpart, the 6M ‘underslung really ‘does it for me’. I freely admit to being a fan of modern instruments – I like the slickness of the action, the free blowing feel, the relative neutrality of tone – something which many vintage horns lack. This is no bad thing, if what they lack are the things you don’t much like in modern horns, but the 10M excels in that it combines the best of both worlds.

It’s also known as the Ladyface, due to a portrait of a woman’s head engraved on the bell. Later models were more ‘extensively engraved’, which led to its other nickname

Note: From to present, add 50 to the serial number prefix to calculate the year of manufacture. C. G. C.G. Conn Saxophones – present. Date, Serial #.

Used Olds Special Bb Trumpet in lacquer. I find the trumpet brighter and more focused than the ambassador and slots better. Model: F. Looks and plays great! No Mpc. On sale! Supposedly that’s SN in the 60’s. Classic trumpets from many years can be found for sale as well, such as , , , , , , and Similar to S Olds on eBay. This is an original Olds Special Trombone. Some of these were original designs by Kanstul and Olson, and others were copies of other trumpets.

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Saxquest! First Series Selmer Bundy Tenor

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