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Holiday parties are usually a good excuse to get all of your friends together, and it seems the Harry Potter cast used the season’s festivities for a little Hogwarts reunion. On Wednesday, December 18, Tom Felton known to HP fans as Draco Malfoy and Emma Watson Hermione Granger posted photos on Instagram that showed a few members of the old crew from the beloved film franchise had joined forces for a party—and even reignited old arguments about which house is better. He hinted in the caption that there had definitely been some discussion about past rivalries at Hogwarts: “Seasons greetings from my school mates. Watson added her own little tribute on Instagram, but she was much more diplomatic. She posted one of Felton’s photos in black-and-white and wrote simply, “Merry Christmas from us,” adding a smiley face. Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter and Rupert Grint Ron Weasley aren’t in any of the images, but we’re guessing they were with the cast in spirit. In addition to just being really sweet, the photos have continued fueling some of those Watson-Felton dating rumors. Most recently Felton shared an image taken while he was teaching Watson to play guitar and raved that she was a “quick learner.

Ginny Weasley

Matthew Lewis with his wife Angela Jones. Image courtesy: Bottega Actor Matthew David Lewis, who played the role of Neville Longbottom in eight Harry Potter films from to , shared a picture from his wedding day clicked by wedding photographers Nancy Stuppiello and Piermarco Rinaldi of Bottega53 on Instagram on Tuesday and the Internet could not stay calm. A section of the Internet thought he married the actress, who played the role of Hannah Abbott, a Hufflepuff student whom Neville marries in the Potterverse.

Neville and Luna started dating and developed a relationship, but like any High school relationship, they broke it off. Neville married Hannah.

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Muggles brought about the end of the world with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville and Luna some off the few survivors. On the verge of death, the throw themselves onto the mercy of the time-stream and take full advantage of being small and easily lost.

‘Harry Potter’ actor who played Neville Longbottom weds longtime girlfriend

Hogwarts’ magic has gone beyond the big screen to touch the lives of the beloved actors in the Harry Potter saga. Although we would like to believe that the couples we see in the movies are real, offscreen, most of the stars have entirely different partners. Are you curious about the real pairs of our favorite actors?

Harry is in the hospital wing with Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, and Luna. and Hermione gently informs him that Cho is now dating Michael Conner.

Sorry, Neville and Luna shippers of the world, but that cute end scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows , Part 2 implying Neville and Luna totally ended up together is not at all probable, according to Luna’s portrayer Evanna Lynch. In an interview with Seventeen , Lynch revealed why she doesn’t think Neville and Luna would have lived happily ever after, and her answer is awesomely feminist. Neville would want a good sturdy wife who cooks, and that’s not her.

As adorable as Neville and Luna were, and as much as they had in common during their school days, Lynch is spot on in her description of the very different lives the two characters would want to lead. Luna always had the spirit of an adventurer, and, unlike many of her childhood companions, an instant life of domesticity would most likely have left her bored silly. While there is nothing wrong with choosing a life of domesticity, it is awesome that Lynch is so in tune with Luna that she feels certain her character would have taken the road less traveled by her Hogwarts cohorts.

If Harry Potter Characters were in highschool

As told by J. In a series of interviews over the years, the author has revealed the future of the Harry Potter characters, far beyond the Deathly Hallows epilogue. The Ministry of Magic was de-corrupted, and with Kingsley at the helm the discrimination that was always latent there was eradicated. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny et al would of course play a significant part in the re-building of wizarding society through their future careers.

Hermione began her post-Hogwarts career at the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures where she was instrumental in greatly improving life for house-elves and their ilk.

Have you seen Neville Longbottom now? Mr Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe has been dating fellow actor Erin Darke since Harry Potter fans will remember that Evanna Lynch played quirky character Luna Lovegood in the films​.

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Additionally, they must cast their spells in sync with their girlfriends to increase the potency of the only tool against Dark Magic: Love. They each cast one of the following spells: Expelliarmus disarms opponent , Reparo repairs an object that is broken , Impendimenta freezes opponent , Silencio silences opponent , or Scourgify cleansing spell. Neville doesn’t know how to cast a Reparo spell. The 5 girls are the one dating Ron, the one who cast first, the one who used the Impendimenta spell, the one dating Harry, and the one who cast third.

Ron first began to realize just how wonderful his girlfriend, Luna who is superstitious and therefore won’t be the last to cast a spell , was when she was a substitute commentator at a Quidditch game. Draco and his girlfriend cast fourth. Bill has always been fond of his girlfriend’s ability to cast the Scourgify spell, and so chose to cast that spell. The five boys are Draco, the one dating Cho, the one who cast second, the one using the Scourgify spell, and the one who cast fifth.

Neville and luna dating

Audiences have seen what these characters are like in relationships, which demonstrates whether they are good to have as a boyfriend or girlfriend. Some of them seem horrendous to be in a relationship with for various reasons, while others could make the perfect romantic connection. Here are 5 characters we’d hate to date and 5 from other relationships that would make a perfect partner.

Evanna Lynch Explains Exactly Why Luna and Neville Definitely Broke Up. She did NOT mince words.

Neville and Luna? In the world of According to Luna Lovegood, here’s why Luna and Neville were never a couple. Warner Bros. Rachel Paige. No, J. Rowling thought it would be too neat to match them up together. However, in the movies Neville admits to liking Luna during the final battle and both actors Ginny and Fred Weasley.

Harry Potter and the Defeat of the Dark Mark

British actor Matthew Lewis, who played Longbottom in the “Harry Potter” movies, announced on Monday that he tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Angela Jones in Italy. Not only did I miss ArcticMonkeys in LA but they were performing in Italy at the same time we were there and my wife made me get married instead. Lewis made the announcement on social media, joking that he missed the opportunity to see one of his favorite bands, the Arctic Monkeys, because he was busy getting married.

Lewis, 28, has grown into his hunky looks since he first played the chubby, shy wizard who attended Hogwarts School with Harry Potter as a year-old. But it was his role in the magical films that helped bring him together with Angela Jones, who is a Florida native and lifestyle blogger. She is not, as some fans first thought , the actress in “Harry Potter” who plays character Luna Lovegood.

Neville Longbottom is a popular Herbology teacher at Hogwarts, married to Hannah. Luna Lovegood is married to Newt Scamander’s grandson.

Some of the relationships in the “Harry Potter” series seem questionable. Ron and Hermione? Could Harry and Ginny be more awkward together? Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott? Sure, I guess. Luckily, real life has served us better. And they are adorable. Like normal people, the two are chronicling their relationship on Instagram. Don’t eat me! An amazing publication that features I kid you not Cats with Fashion!! Out in October : PussPussmag.

Polaroid family photos fam. Spent the evening listening to Jeff Goldy playing jazz and telling jokes GoldblumSwag.

[CMV] Neville x Luna – Call me Later

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